Visa Information for WorldTLE Participants

Attending WorldTLE in Paris requires delegates to be aware of and comply with the visa requirements for entry into the country. It is the responsibility of each delegate to understand these requirements and to apply for a conference visa if necessary.

Here is some information to consider

  • Types of Visas: France offers different types of visas, including short-stay visas (Schengen visas) for stays up to 90 days and long-stay visas for stays longer than 90 days. For attending a conference, you would typically apply for a short-stay visa.
  • Visa Application Process: You will need to apply at the French consulate or embassy in your home country. The official website for visa applications in France is France-Visas.
  • Visa Requirements: The specific requirements for a conference visa may vary depending on your nationality and the consulate you are applying to. 
  • Additional Considerations: It’s important to note that visa requirements and processes can change, so it’s recommended to check the official France-Visas website or contact the French embassy or consulate in your home country for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Conference Invitation Letter

For those delegates who need a visa, we strongly recommend securing an official Letter of Invitation from the WorldTLE organizers as it can significantly smooth the visa application process. Please be aware that Letters of Invitation will be issued exclusively to delegates who have completed their registration and have made the necessary payments or received approval.

Conference Visa

Request an Invitation Letter

To request an Invitation Letter, kindly fill out the following form with accurate information as it appears on your passport

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